Distinguished Members
of the AFCC Alberta Chapter

The Distinguished Member Award recognizes late-career AFCC Alberta Chapter members for their significant and substantial contributions to the resolution of family conflict, the family and conciliation courts, and the AFCC itself.

The award is bestowed sparingly, and facilitates the intergenerational transmission of knowledge and insights amongst the AFCC Alberta Chapter community. 

Selection Process

Specific professionals to be considered for Distinguished Member status may be put forward by the AFCC Alberta board and the AFCC Alberta Programming Committee. Final selections of Distinguished Member nominees will be made annually by the AFCC Alberta Programming Committee, in accordance with the selection criteria.

Selection Process
Members are selected on the basis of:

  1. Outstanding contributions to the Alberta legal and/or mental health fields, particularly as relates to the resolution of family conflict; AND

  2. Outstanding contributions to AFCC Alberta and the international AFCC community.


Nominee Obligations

Distinguished Member nominees will present a webinar to the AFCC Alberta community, on a topic or topics of their choosing. The nominee will impart their own perspectives regarding the subject matter to the community.

Distinguished Members’ webinars will be recorded for posterity, and be made available for viewing online on a separate webpage of the AFCC Alberta website, accessible to AFCC Alberta members only.

Nominees may include

Members of the Judiciary


Court Commissioners

Court Administrators​



Financial Professionals


Social Workers




Custody Evaluators

Parenting Coordinators

Recognized Distinguished Members

AFCC Alberta Chapter
Distinguished Member,
Dr. Larry Fong, R. Psych.

AFCC Alberta Chapter Member

Distinguished Speaker

Joined AFCC


Chapter Contributions

Recognized, August 10, 2022

Dr. Larry Fong, is a Registered Psychologist (1982), a Member of the Canadian Psychological Association, an Associate Member of the American Psychological Association, and listed with the Canadian Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology.


Dr. Fong’s 20+ years international consulting practice spans the areas of business, legal and personal consultation. Dr. Fong has a permanent teachers certificate, and has taught at all grade levels. He was Supervisor in both Family Court Services (Provincial Court of Alberta) and Child Welfare. As a psychologist his awareness of the complexities of child custody, parenting issues or access problems within the context of a psycho-legal arena have resulted in his being called, on at least 300 occasions, to the Court of Queen’s Bench (Alberta, Saskatchewan), and The Provincial Court of Alberta (Family & Youth; Criminal Division) as an expert witness in these matters. The Judiciary has called upon him to provide his professional skills as a mediator and arbitrator. He has also taught mediation and arbitration worldwide.


As a leading international mediator and trainer, he has consulted in 13 different countries as well as appearing on international television and radio. He has produced training tapes in the field of mediation worldwide. His leadership skills are noted by his appointments as a Past- President of the Alberta Family Mediation Society, Family Mediation Canada, the Psychologists Association of Alberta and the College of Alberta Psychologists. He was the first Canadian International President of the Academy of Family Mediators (USA). In addition he was a founding member of the newly merged Association for Conflict Resolution and was a board member of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts. Dr. Fong wasthe President Elect of The Association for Conflict Resolution (2004).

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